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Theralux Filtration Packages

Natural Mineral Systems For Our Pools

Theralux is Australia’s most advanced mineral pool system, designed for superior water quality that’s naturally balanced and gentle on your skin and the environment.

Precast Plunge Pools offer the option of three Theralux filtration packages with pools: Advanced, Home Pro and Home Pro+.

Standard Theralux Inclusions for Precast Pools


Theralux Filter Pro

  • High flow filter tank internals

  • Top diffuser for even distribution of water over the filter media bed

  • 360 degrees clamping collar

  • Sight glass to view when the backwashing cycle is completed.

Theralux-Digital-Chlorinator-Pro (1).png

Theralux Digital Chlorinator Pro

  • Energy efficient power supply

  • Single button shock treatment with variable run times

  • Slimline, lightweight power pack

  • Easy cell removal

  • Low total dissolved solids (TDS).

Theralux-TVS-Pro-variable-speed-pump (1).png

Theralux TVS Pro

  • Variable speed pump (3 speeds) for energy efficiency

  • Large capacity debris basket

  • See-thru cover to view basket

  • Super-sized housing for quiet operation.

Theralux Advanced for Precast Pools

Includes above standard items + automated pH dosing system:

Theralux pH Wireless Pro

  • Easy calibration and configuration through the Digital Chlorinator Pro LCD

  • Standalone wireless is controlled by a long-range dosing pump

  • Flow 4L per minute

  • Pressure 2.5 bar

  • Acid level control

  • Manual push button.

Theralux Home Pro for Precast Pools

Includes Theralux Advanced + chemical-free pool water purifier:

Theralux Quantum Purity

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Uses hydroxyl radicals to safely destroy bacteria and micro-organisms

  • More powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV, ionisers and ozone

  • Complete with flow sensor, analogue lamp life indicator and reset switch.

Theralux Home Pro+ for Precast Pools

Includes Theralux Home Pro + automated pool monitoring & control:

Theralux Home+ Manager & Water Manager

Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 2.38_edited.jpg
  • Monitoring & remote control of pool equipment, including filtration, pump, chlorinator, heating & lighting

  • Continual analysis and control of pool water pH & ORP, including automated dosing so you don’t have to

  • Easy to use mobile app.

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