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Naked Freshwater Filtration Package

Freshwater Sanitisation For Precast Plunge Pools

Naked Freshwater Pool Systems provide an environmentally-friendly ultra low chlorine alternative to traditional sanitisers. The hybrid system uses copper and silver ionisation combined with oxidation to provide safe, healthy fresh water.

Here are the components of our Naked Freshwater filtration package, available with all our pools.

Naked Freshwater System for Precast Plunge Pools




Henden 2140 Media Filter Pro 


Henden Cartridge Filter

Your Choice of Media or Cartridge Filter from the standard Henden range. These high performance filters have been specifically designed for the water-conscious filtration in all salt, mineral salt and fresh water pools.


Naked Control Unit + Ion & Oxi Cell

The digital control unit manages current to the Ion & Oxi Cell, in which copper and silver anodes release ions into the water. Silver disinfects the water, copper prevents algae growth, and oxidisation produces untraceable amounts of chlorine to remove other contaminates.

Henden-Pump-200 (1).webp

Henden Single Speed Pump 200

A durable, universal pool pump that’s perfect for all residential pool types up to 55,000 litres: in-ground, above ground, large swim spas, plunge pools and solar pool heating.

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