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Approvals & Project Management

Take the stress out of obtaining council approval and let us handle your project.

We can obtain all the necessary approvals for your project through either a Complying Development Certificate CDC or Development Application DA.

The process includes the drawing of architectural plans, collecting all the required reports for your property and project to be approved.


Site & Architectural Plans

See how your pool will look with a realistic site plan. We will then work with you to complete your architectural plans suitable for submission to certifiers in support of your building approvals.


Building Approvals & Building Certification

Whether you require CDC or DA approval we can help.


Whats a CDC?

The Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is the most common form of swimming pool approval. We work closely with our Private Certifiers to speed up the process and avoid delays with local council submissions.

Whats a DA?

If assessment deems that a CDC is not applicable for your job we can complete the Development Application (DA) process  for you. A Development Application (DA) is an application submitted to your local Council for permission to carry out a new development.

Whats a Construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate, issued by a Private Certifier or a consent authority allows building work to commence on a project.

This certificate confirms that the construction plans and development specifications are consistent with the development consent, and comply with the Building Code and any other council requirements.

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